An Inland Sea

I remember geography class and learning about the fourth largest lake in the world. There’s the Mediterranean in Europe, and passing through the Bosporus Strait, cutting Istanbul in half, one ends up in the Black Sea. Travel east, and you’ll find the Caspian Sea. And east again from its northern shores, there lays this saltwater lake — the Aral Sea. It’s been there forever.

The Aral Sea, an inland sea with fish and plants and reedbeds and birds and a vibrant natural environment. …

Residual Income

A new token has been designed specifically for residual income, issued by the CYAN Foundation. CYAN is an ERC-20 Ethereum token and is tradable like other tokens.
However, its owner can choose to burn all or part of their CYAN, which then is taken off the market permanently. Instead, it will earn weekly interest paid out in CYAN, which can be kept, traded, or burned again to earn more interest.

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No More News

I stopped watching the news. I did because I was being manipulated. And I suspected that I was made to feel, to agree, or disagree with ideas or concepts that weren’t mine. I don’t like being manipulated, so I took drastic measures.

In my career the news was always on — I had 4 TVs, each set to a different news channel, so I could be abreast of economic and political events. As an investment banker being well informed often gave me the slight edge I needed to get a deal done.

News was a necessity, and it never crossed…

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Conflict of Interest

There is an inherent conflict of interest when an employee can decide their own compensation without oversight or justification.

This statement is so obvious, it is hard to imaging where such a situation would occur. It defies common sense, and when discovered, the employer or supervisor would put an end to it. One should think so.

Nonetheless, there is one group of employees that work under these conditions. Conditions they themselves created, voted on, and implemented without prior approval. Their employer may be aware of this but has been incapacitated to change this agreement effectively.

The employer is you and…

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Like it was yesterday I remember it. I’m on the Place Saint-Michel in Paris, on the left bank close to the bridge. It must have been about 7 am and I’m at a café. With me are five friends I spent the night with — a night in the Bois de Boulogne. A night in the forest dropping acid with ludes and smokes and white marching powder, and a few bottles of VO.

At dawn I drove us back. Six of us in a tiny Fiat bus listening to Led Zeppelin Uma Guma. I still see the cars in front…

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Democracy is a luxury

I know so, I’ve seen it. I lived in many countries on four continents and of all the social constructs, democracy stands out as the finest example of heterogeneous populations living together with a possibility of freedom and prosperity.

That doesn’t mean it’s perfect and by nature of its concept and participants, it will never be — nor can it be. The system is dynamic and subject to the mix of its citizens and the influx of those wanting to enter from outside.

But a healthy democracy doesn’t just show up. The growth into democracy takes…

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I dislike confusion. It robs me of clarity and stops me from acting. So I thought about what confusion is and asked myself, is it an emotion or not? Indeed, when I’m in a quandary it affects my feelings ― bit so does rain, or sunshine, or politics.

I decided to look it up, and Marriam-Webster defines confusion as ‘The quality or state of being confused,’ and ‘An act or instance of being confused.’
Duh …

So I checked confused, and here Marriam-Webster makes more sense: ‘Being perplexed or disconcerted,’ and ‘Disoriented with regard to one’s…

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A Legend

There is a fable about a nation and a people, its name forgotten, its history faded in time and only few believe the legend was ever real.

The story tells about a realm where none were free, where only the rulers lived in comfort and suppressed the workers. This was as it had been from time immemorial and those who objected suffered a terrible fate.

Milk and Honey

So the workers escaped and crossed the water and found a virgin land. There they created a home, a new order, an experiment where all be equal and none oppressed. …

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Ogma’s Tree

Brimlad’s task was immense. Uproot her gardens, secure and move her unending inventory of plants, herbs, weeds, barks, roots, mushrooms, seeds, flasks, jars, on and on.
But the only one permitted to help was Hrodgar. And he reveled working with her ― she knew his thoughts and feelings. With her there was no need to speak and she never asked him to.

But she talked to him. Explaining cures and remedies and tinctures ― how she prepared them and what to look for in the forest. …

Hotse Langeraar

Born in Europe, arrived in USA and my dreams came true. From commodities to investment banker, I became an author and I’m still dreaming. I write about change.

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